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The definite object proposed in this work is an examination of the general history of Europe and America with particular reference to the effect of sea power upon the course of that history. Historians generally have been unfamiliar with…

1908.04.09_golden.bay.argus_the inventor of the hour.1.jpg
Newspaper Article in the Golden Bay Argus depicting 55 year old Louis Brennan with his latest invention the gyroscopic Railway. Following on from the success of the Brennan Torpedo and in his role as Superintendent of the Brennan Torpedo Factory…

Newspaper article detailing a manifesto declaration issued by the Cobden Club. Great Britain should be prepared to maintain existing trade rights in territories which others may want to annex.

I remember in probably 1956 my late Brother Austin struggling into his new An Slua Muiri Uniform. He could not understand why there was a bulge in the front of his Jacket. It was only when he went up to Cathal Brugha that CPO Sean Lavin advised him…

Commemoration and Wreath Laying Ceremony to mark the end of WW1

brennan re museum.pdf
A Photographic Study of an original Brennan Torpedo. It is housed in the Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham, Kent.
Story of the development of the modern submarine with a background on John Phillip Holland, developer of the first submarine purchased by the U.S. Navy.

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military,…

Lt.Col. Jim Dawson Coast Artillery Commander.pdf
Sgt Wayne Fitzgerald, Editor of An Cosantóir interviewed a 92-year-old-veteran recently, Lt Col Jim Dawson who was the Coast Artillery Commander in the 1940s / 1950s on Spike Island with responsibility for the 6-inch guns batteries on Spike Island…
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