The Camden Fort Meagher Archive is a wonderful collection of artefacts, both physical and digital, stories and memories. It spans generations and attempts to tell the story of Camden Fort Meagher and it's rich Cultural Heritage.

It's a living resource paying homage to times now passed. It's Items, Collections and Exhibits are made possible by the recording of artefacts from within Camden Fort Meagher as well as Contributions from all those who have kindly donated their time, stories and memorabilia.

This is a community resource which will be of benefit to both a national and as well as an international audience.

Visitors to this resource are encouraged to Contribute items and Transcribe texts. Training Material, Postcards, Autograph Books, Posters, Photographs, Audio and Video files all have text associated with them. Transcription provides greater clarity and expands the field of research, resulting in  qualitive and quantifiable data research and anyalsis.  

The Camden Fort Meagher Archive is a Searchable Resource.  Have Fun : )  It is a work in Progress! Please bear with us while additional information is uploaded.

You are a Digital Humanist : ) Welcome Aboard : )

Note: Humanism was a movement that spread across Europe during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. It was a revolution in how people's concept of humanity in general and our world of culture and arts inter-related, the human element attributes being the key focus.