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Torpedo Installation Engine Room
Strengthening Defences Fort Camden Torpedo Installation
Engine Room layout and working details

Fort Camden SICD Married Soldiers Quarters
Site Plan: Architect Drawings of the Married Soldiers Quarters situated in the Camp Field. Date of Construction 1910.
O.C.R.E. No. 210

Record Plan of Married Soldiers Quarters and Buildings at Quay Level
Sheet 1 of 2 Detailed description of Married Soldiers Quarters, Table of Accommodation, Ancillary Works and Buildings at Quay Level

Plan of Cork Harbour 1930
Map of Cork Harbour depicting Fort Camden 1930

Fort Camden - Cork Harbour
Fort Camden Technical Drawing
Sheet 1 of 2 Sheet 2.
Corps of Engineers
Pte. W. H. Rowe Draftsman
14 09 1939
Lieut. Command Engineer

Plan of Trench
Technical Drawing of a Trench. Section Thro. Traverse.

Camden Fort, Cork Harbour, Record Plan of Left Lower Battery
Technical Drawing of the Lower Left Battery. Record Plan states completed October 7th 1877. Detailing materials used.

1843 Queenstown & Cork Outer Harbour
Series: Ireland South Coast, Map of Cork Harbour 1843
Note: Fort Camden New Pier marked in Red ink. Direction Arrow marked in Pencil shows Torpedo Slipway. Arc drawn in pencil shows range covered.
Shipping lanes marked.

Fort Camden Revised Arrangement
Site for Wire Store and General Store proposed by G O
C. 9.3.92 and approved Cork 5 / 5306
Note: Wire and General Store now across track, shaded in yellow. Wire store pencilled in opposite stairs.
Stamp: Inspector General of Fortifications…
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