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1916, Voices of The Somme
Listen to the soldiers as they relive the terrifying moment when they went over the top on the first day.

WW1 Veterans Recall Executions
During WWl, over 300 British and Commonwealth soldiers were executed for desertion or cowardice - some as young as 14.
Ahead of Armistice Day, Charles Wheeler spoke to some veterans of the Great War about the executions.
10th November 2005

Dr Nathaniel Sims
Visit of Admiral William Sims Grandson to Camden Fort Meagher in the summer of 2017. William Sims was Commander of the US Navy in Europe during WW1.

The Official Secrets Act 1889 Excerpt
An Act to prevent the Disclosure of Official Documents and

What are the origins of the dollar, pound, and yen symbols?
Have you ever wondered where the symbols for the dollar, the pound, or the yen come from? Watch our video to find out.

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2018 National Heritage Week 18 - 26 August 2018 Over 2000 Events happening across Ireland See what's on near you National Heritage Week is coordinated by The Heritage Council and its aim is to build awareness and education about our heritage…

2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage <br /><br />
Fort Camden History Beckons .... <br /><br />
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Our heritage: Where the past meets the Future Celebrating the past to build the future – discover what is cultural heritage and why it is important.#MakeAConnectionBrennan Torpedo Installations Worldwide:Fort CamdenCliffe FortGarrison Point FortFort…

100 Year Anniversary of the Ending of WW1  Commemorations
An Slua Muirí WW1 Fallen Relatives Remembered in Fort Camden WW1 Commemoration and Wreath Laying Ceremony to mark the end of WW1.
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