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Memories of Fort Camden and Fort Meagher


An eclectic mix of stories.
Memories of Fort Camden and Fort Meagher by people that have a connection to the Fortification either stationed, growing up or taking training courses here.
This Collection also contains Newspaper Stories from the time that was!


Camden Fort Meagher




1550 - 1989

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11 July 1938 Handover
Official Handover of Fort Camden to the Irish Free State. The picture depicts the raising of the Irish Flag over Fort Camden in the mouth of Cork Harbour. Part of the Handover of Treaty Forts Celebrations. The caption reads: 11 July 1938 Taking over…

Fort Camden Bible
This Bible was presented to the Church Hut in Fort Camden by Commander & Mrs. W. Hodder May 1936. It was presented to the Church with a gift of £50, by the 33rd Coy. Royal Engineers on their departure July 1938 after 83 years residence in Fort…

The Army
Army news report of the departure of the 41st Regiment from Charles Fort, Kinsale, Co. Cork. A detachment of this troop to be stationed in Fort Camden and details of other troops movements and retirements. A Court Martial with the prisoner being…

War Practice at the Harbour Forts<br /><br />
Testing the Coast Defence
Newspaper article detailing the first of it's kind, Brennan Torpedo Experiments at Fort Camden. Testing the Coast Defences 1899.

Under the watchful eye of General Hugh McCalmont Commander Cork District Forces (1898 - 1903),
Lt. Col. E. W.…

Pigeon Training
During the 1950's CS (Company Sergeant) Thomas McMullan built an aviary at the back of his home in Fort Camden. He bred a number of different species of birds such as Parrots, Sparrows, Finches, Canaries, Budgies etc. He was very successful in his…

The Army
Article detailing general army news, rumours & the movement of Troops, The Recruitment Depot in Cork has been moved to Cat Fort. A detachment of the 47th Regiment, 75 in number has arrive at Camden Fort.

Royal Visit to Cork
An account of the visit of the Queen and Prince Albert to Cork Harbour in 1849. There was great fanfare along with the firing of the Cannons at Forts Camden and Carlisle. It was during this Royal visit that the people of Cove asked for permission…

100 Years of ships
Visualization of 18th and 19th-century shipping routes. More info and discussion of the underlying data at This uses ship's logbooks from…

A year of ships
A looped visualization of all the voyages in the Climatological database for the world's oceans ( as if they occurred in the same year, to show seasonal patterns in ship movements and predominant shipping lanes from…

Hero of the Deep
Newspaper article detailing the heroics of Ray Maries. He was part of the elite naval diving team, Port Clearance, whose job it was to clear unexploded sea mines.
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