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Brennan Torpedo Installation depicting layout including surrounding buildings and final tramway arrangement.

This final track arrangement can be confirmed by studying current pictures of the Architectural features of the Brennan Torpedo…
Satirical Map featuring the Dogs of War loose in Europe. Written explanation adds to the striking visual narrative of early WW1 events.
A Serio-Comic Map of Europe featuring tales and tackle of the day.

Upended countries struggle under the weight of war and trust.
A Modern Saint George and the Dragon

Satirical Map of England and Wales depicting the Irish Home Rule Woes - 1886. St. George is Lord Salisbury who inflicts pain on the Dragon: Prime Minister William Gladstone.

Look closely to see Charles…
The Crimean War which waged between 1853-1856 is told in animalistic caricature with glimpses of human interaction throughout. This comic cartograph brings a sense of reality to unfolding conflicts of war.

Europe at This Moment - A Political-Geographic Fantasy

A satirical reflection of the Franco-Prussian war in cartographic format. The defeat of France, Prussian Southern unity and the rise of Germany, dominate the caricatures in this visually…

WO78-845 Fort Camden Cork.jpg
Technical Drawing of Fort Camden Surveyed in 1880 under the direction of Captain G. I. Gould R. E. & revised up to 1 Mar 1882 R. M. Sandford Lieut - Colonel C. R. E.

Map showing position of Fire Tanks for Married Quarters

Fort Camden, Cork Harbour. Map of Gun emplacements 2 X 64 Pounders + 7 X 10" Guns
Signed R H Sandford
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