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An account of the Flying Squadron's arrival in Cork Harbour. The Steamers - torpedo boats - travelling at up to 37 knots per hour. The War Ships navigating the stretch between Fort Camden & Fort Carlisle. Technical information relating to the…

The Irish National Anthem "Amhrán na bhFiann" was originally written in 1907, in English by Peadar Kearney for Cumann na nGaedheal: "A Soldier's Song". The music was composed by Patrick Heeney.

By 1912 it had gained sufficient popularity to be…

The 87th Foot was raised in Ireland in 1793 on the outbreak of war with revolutionary France, as The 87th (The Prince of Wales's Irish) Regiment of Foot.
It became a Fusiliers Regiment on 23 July 1827, as the 87th or The Prince of Wales's Own Irish…

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Crosshaven, Cork Harbour
Horse and Cars

**** In Progress ****

Contractor for works in Fort Camden tendered by the War Department.
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