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Date of Commencement
Date of Completion Oct 17th 1877
Estimated Cost
Actual Cost
Materials Blue Lias Lime Concrete, Portland Cement Concrete, & Brickwork

Executed by Contractor & Military Labour.

No. A 19

Newspaper article detailing the contents of a letter to the Editor of the Cork Examiner; in relation to a previously published article on Experiments taking place at Fort Camden.

Sir I am sure your sense of justice will allow me correct an error…

Technical Drawing of the Lower Left Battery. Record Plan states completed October 7th 1877. Detailing materials used.

Postcard of the Brennan Torpedo.
This defensive weapon was invented by Mr. Louis Brennan and patented in 1877, He was a prolific inventor, born in Co. Mayo in 1852. His inventions include a Monorail balanced with a Gyroscope, Helicopter and…
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