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The 87th Foot was raised in Ireland in 1793 on the outbreak of war with revolutionary France, as The 87th (The Prince of Wales's Irish) Regiment of Foot.
It became a Fusiliers Regiment on 23 July 1827, as the 87th or The Prince of Wales's Own Irish…

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Regiments that recruited during the Great War from Counties now in the Republic, or had their Regimental Depots on the island of Ireland.

Infantry Regiments which were either originally raised in Ireland, but later…
This webinar with census record expert John Hanson, looks at the history of the census, explains its changes over time and most importantly, explains the reasons why you may not be able to locate your ancestor in the records.

WO78-845 Fort Camden Cork.jpg
Technical Drawing of Fort Camden Surveyed in 1880 under the direction of Captain G. I. Gould R. E. & revised up to 1 Mar 1882 R. M. Sandford Lieut - Colonel C. R. E.

Order of Precedence of Regiments, Corps., Brigade Services, Territorial and Militia in the Army
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