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Charles Frank Rundall was a Royal Engineer. Educated in Woolwich Royal Military Academy 1891 and The School of Military Engineering, his work involved Brennan Torpedoes @ Cork Harbour and Hong Kong Harbour.

He was appointed Experimental Officer…

Army No. 7109714
Stationed Cork. 11.05.1918 - 27.2.1919
Next of Kin: Father Wm. Henry, Garrison Canteen, Fort Camden, Crosshaven, Co. Cork

Order of Precedence of Regiments, Corps., Brigade Services, Territorial and Militia in the Army

A list of the various Regiments, Brigades, Divisions and Company's stationed at Fort Camden.
Note: 33rd Coy. Royal Engineers stationed in Fort Camden from 1855 to 1938. Ref: Inscription on Bible presented to Fort Camden by the 33rd Coy. Royal…
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