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The Story of Frank Hill and the wonderful collection of PostCards depicting the life of a LightkeeperAs Told by Audrey Arthure, Frank's GranddaughterA Seafaring Family Francis Joseph Hill was born on 4th March 1878 at Ballydonegan, on the Beara…

The 87th Foot was raised in Ireland in 1793 on the outbreak of war with revolutionary France, as The 87th (The Prince of Wales's Irish) Regiment of Foot.
It became a Fusiliers Regiment on 23 July 1827, as the 87th or The Prince of Wales's Own Irish…

1917-1925-1 Part_0004.pdf
A collection of related wartime articles and pictures in scrapbook format.

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Hand written Ordnance Training Notes listing the different types of Guns in use 1904 - 1945
Quick Fire 7" Howitzer Mark 2: 1917 Mountain Machine Gun
Ordnance Q. F. 75 mm Mark 1: WW2 British Tank Gun
Ordnance Q. F. 18 P.R Mark 2: 1094 -…

An Autograph Book dated 1920 - 1926. Snippets of Wisdom, lines of Love, sprinkled with Patriotism, detailing convict movements within the prison system.

Corporal John Davies , R. G. A. - Royal Garrison Artillery. Instructor in Signalling and Telegraphy stationed in Fort Camden in the year 1919

Order of Precedence of Regiments, Corps., Brigade Services, Territorial and Militia in the Army
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