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Corps of Engineers Fort Camden Register of Jobs Book
Maintenance Records : 1943, 1944, 1945

George Marah Certificate of Service, Photograph, Certificate of Military Service during The Emergency 1939-1946.

John Desmond Corps of Engineers Technical Storeman and Clerk.
Served in Fort Camden shortly after the Irish Free State took over the Treaty Forts of Cork Harbour.

Instructions to Personnel attending Annual Training Camp at Skerries 1945

Order of Precedence of Regiments, Corps., Brigade Services, Territorial and Militia in the Army
Hand written Ordnance Training Notes listing the different types of Guns in use 1904 - 1945
Quick Fire 7" Howitzer Mark 2: 1917 Mountain Machine Gun
Ordnance Q. F. 75 mm Mark 1: WW2 British Tank Gun
Ordnance Q. F. 18 P.R Mark 2: 1094 -…
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