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A Photographic Study of an original Brennan Torpedo. It is housed in the Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham, Kent.

Charles Frank Rundall was a Royal Engineer. Educated in Woolwich Royal Military Academy 1891 and The School of Military Engineering, his work involved Brennan Torpedoes @ Cork Harbour and Hong Kong Harbour.

He was appointed Experimental Officer…

Newspaper article: Testing the efficiency of what the forts would be capable of in the event of an attack. Using the very latest Hi-Tec equipment of the day a display of Gun Fire prowess & pin point Torpedo accuracy was trialled in the company of…

Official Handover of Fort Camden to the Irish Free State. The picture depicts the raising of the Irish Flag over Fort Camden in the mouth of Cork Harbour. Part of the Handover of Treaty Forts Celebrations. The caption reads: 11 July 1938 Taking over…

A map of Camden Fort showing the Detail of the Escarp North Face. Cork Harbour Division Royal Engineers.
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