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Vince Farr: "Norma, this is what we started with …. the name ‘RESCUE CAMDEN’"Skully: "We started all this .... we were the first people in there ..... we brought our own Garden Tools"Original Website drafts showcasing the incredible foresight of…
Skully: "This is what it looked like when we went in for the first time :-) " A selection of photographs showing Fort Camden in its former glory, and as it looked in 2010 when Vince Farr, Skully and a team of volunteers, began the daunting task of…

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A hand written Instructors Military Training Manual detailing the Quick Firing 18 Pdr. Gun Mark 4 & 5 Particulars. Contains beautiful hand drawn colour illustrations.

In the background you can see another Instructors Training Manual for the…

John Sherlock enlisted in the Reserve Defence Forces in July 1969 for service in the Reserve of Men ( An Fórsa Cosanta Aitiúil) and remained for a term of 5 years to July 1974,
Reason for Discharge: On Termination of Engagement.
Corp Training - Year 1
Uaire = Time
Ceachtanna Corp Oiliúna Bunaidh = Corp Basic Training Lessons 12 weeks
Ceachtanna Corp Oiliúna Catha = Battlefield Training 42 weeks
Snámh agus Tartháil = Swimming and Rescue 12 weeks
Hand written Ordnance Training Notes listing the different types of Guns in use 1904 - 1945
Quick Fire 7" Howitzer Mark 2: 1917 Mountain Machine Gun
Ordnance Q. F. 75 mm Mark 1: WW2 British Tank Gun
Ordnance Q. F. 18 P.R Mark 2: 1094 -…
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