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An account detailing news from:
America re: Presidency of the Fenian Brotherhood Union
Movement of Ships and Troops
The Ram Research on Daunt's Rock
Precautions in Cork Harbour
Roman Catholic Pastoral against Fenianism

A mixture of Newspaper articles printed on a single page within the Freeman Journal March 18, 1846.

A letter from a 17 year old Irish Soldier to his Uncle describing life within the Nullagh camp Jan 2nd 1846, and the ensuing battles.


An advertisement requesting tenders to be submitted for the supply of goods, for the Irish Convict Service

The Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser listing among other articles a request for tenders to be submitted for the supply of goods, for the Irish Convict Service

An account of the re organisation of the Brennan Torpedo Factory. Louis Brennan steps down from his position of Superintendent of the Brennan Torpedo Factory to take up a new position as Adviser in Torpedo Work to both the War Office and Admiralty. …

An announcement printed in the Western People detailing the upcoming marriage of Mr Louis Brennan, Inventor of the Brennan Torpedo.

Newspaper article detailing the contents of a letter to the Editor of the Cork Examiner; in relation to a previously published article on Experiments taking place at Fort Camden.

Sir I am sure your sense of justice will allow me correct an error…

Newspaper Article detailing the circumstances of an accident at Fort Camden when a horse and car fell over the cliff.

Newspaper Article detailing Troop movements between Forts and Barracks.
A detachment of the 57th West Middlesex Regiment proceeded from Charles Fort to Camden Fort on the 30th nit., having undergone a course of instruction in rifle drill, The E…

1938.06.22.EH.ET_Farewell Dances at Eire Ports.pdf
Newspaper article detailing Farewell Dances taking place at Fort Camden, Fort Carlisle, Fort Templebreedy and Spike Island, the Cork Harbour Forts which, under the Anglo-Irish Agreement, are being evacuated by their British garrisons and are to be…
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