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A mixture of Newspaper articles printed on a single page within the Freeman Journal March 18, 1846.

A letter from a 17 year old Irish Soldier to his Uncle describing life within the Nullagh camp Jan 2nd 1846, and the ensuing battles.


Document detailing:

Regiments that recruited during the Great War from Counties now in the Republic, or had their Regimental Depots on the island of Ireland.

Infantry Regiments which were either originally raised in Ireland, but later…

BMH.WS1444 p16.pdf
Attack on troop convoy at Ballyedekin

Following the disaster at Clonmult, the East Cork flying column might truly be said to be non existent. Diarmuid Hurley, Jos. Ahern, Paddy Whelan and myself kept together, and, with the occasional help of a…

Article detailing general army news, rumours & the movement of Troops, The Recruitment Depot in Cork has been moved to Cat Fort. A detachment of the 47th Regiment, 75 in number has arrive at Camden Fort.

Jeremiah Murphy was born in St. Anne's, County Cork, Ireland during January 1891. He enlisted with the Royal Garrison Artillery on 15 March 1900, aged 19. After 8 years of service as Gunner, 6 of which were sent abroad, he was transferred to the…

Army news report of the departure of the 41st Regiment from Charles Fort, Kinsale, Co. Cork. A detachment of this troop to be stationed in Fort Camden and details of other troops movements and retirements. A Court Martial with the prisoner being…

Military and Medical Training for the Royal Army Medical Corps and the Irish Defence Forces.

Order of Precedence of Regiments, Corps., Brigade Services, Territorial and Militia in the Army
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