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Newspaper Article detailing the circumstances of an accident at Fort Camden when a horse and car fell over the cliff.

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An account of the visit of the Queen and Prince Albert to Cork Harbour in 1849. There was great fanfare along with the firing of the Cannons at Forts Camden and Carlisle. It was during this Royal visit that the people of Cove asked for permission…

Article detailing general army news, rumours & the movement of Troops, The Recruitment Depot in Cork has been moved to Cat Fort. A detachment of the 47th Regiment, 75 in number has arrive at Camden Fort.
During the 1950's CS (Company Sergeant) Thomas McMullan built an aviary at the back of his home in Fort Camden. He bred a number of different species of birds such as Parrots, Sparrows, Finches, Canaries, Budgies etc. He was very successful in his…

Army news report of the departure of the 41st Regiment from Charles Fort, Kinsale, Co. Cork. A detachment of this troop to be stationed in Fort Camden and details of other troops movements and retirements. A Court Martial with the prisoner being…

1938.05.28_CE_training troops.pdf
Newspaper article: The transfer of Treaty ports to the Government of Éire. Cork harbour forts currently manned by 700 British Troops. A number of technical officers & N. C. O's remaining for some time, to assist in the advanced training of new Irish…

A newspaper article detailing movement of Troops and promotions within the defence forces, Upgrades to the Cork Harbour Fortifications. Replacing R.M.L. Guns in Fort Camden with modern Ordnance.

1876.11.20_CE_Guns Camden.pdf
A report on the Harbour Fortifications detailing the works, armaments and gun cotton distribution between the forts. Mounting of Guns in Carlisle bringing it to completion. Camden Fort Torpedo Batteries almost fully functional. On completion…
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