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The Story of Frank Hill and the wonderful collection of PostCards depicting the life of a LightkeeperAs Told by Audrey Arthure, Frank's GranddaughterA Seafaring Family Francis Joseph Hill was born on 4th March 1878 at Ballydonegan, on the Beara…

Did you know about the close links the Coast Guard and Fort Camden share? The Breeches Buoy Rocket cart!

Below is a link to the Irish Coast Guard Historic Society home page with kind permission from Vince Farr & Skully - the Intrepid…

**** In progress ****
Crosshaven, Cork Harbour
Horse and Cars
Skully: "This is what it looked like when we went in for the first time :-) " A selection of photographs showing Fort Camden in its former glory, and as it looked in 2010 when Vince Farr, Skully and a team of volunteers, began the daunting task of…óiste_p46.png
May 14th. In Crosshaven, the British are building a new fort near Church Bay. On a stone is shown the height above sea-level. A T.P. Fox, who was here with me on Easter Sunday, asked me to note the number on the stone and let him have the…óiste_p146.png
January 5th. A sensational bit of news in the papers!

The "Evening Echo" states that the inhab1tants of Crosshaven and district were disturbed on Sunday night (3rd) by practice firing of big guns from Fort Carlisle, at the entrance to the Harbour,…

Newspaper Article detailing the circumstances of an accident at Fort Camden when a horse and car fell over the cliff.
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