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Áit Bhreithe #MhichílChoileáin | 3DVR Immersive Experience

"Michael is gone out for a small walk. He'll be back in about 10 minutes."

Birthplace of #MichaelCollins | 3DVR Experience

Access: Open to the Public. 

In the Virtual Reality (VR) World of Technical Dimension, you can walk in the footsteps of Michael Collins as you explore Michael's Birthplace. 

View in 3D

You may view the space in 3D on any device including a PC by tapping and dragging with the mouse or touch pad. 

  • To move forward:  Tap. 
  • To Zoom In or Out:  Click the + or - Buttons to the Right of the Screen
  • More Information:  Click on the Green Information Points as you explore the space. 

View in VR

Precautions: For a Safe and Comfortable Virtual Reality Experience make sure the area surrounding you is clear and free of any trip hazards.  

From a mobile phone screen or VR Headset, you may transport yourself to the Virtual world of Áit Bhreithe #MhichílChoileáin | The Birthplace of Michael Collins by navigating to: https://oscailandoras.com/michaelcollins and selecting the View in VR Button, bottom right of Screen. 

  • Select a VR Headset  > Click Install  > Click to open.

Note: If using a mobile phone VR Headset > Insert mobile phone into VR Headset.  

  • Adjust the VR Headset for a comfortable secure fit.  
  • To move forward: Tap the controller.   As you move your head, you can explore in front of you as well as to the right, left, up and down.  Turning around you can see what's behind you.  
  • Explore within each room of the on-site buildings.  

Please Note: Installing the VR App on your moblile phone is a one time operation.  You will not need to repeat this step for future VR visits.  

Emailinfo@oscailandoras.com with any comments you may have.