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Get Involved! An Invitation to Transcribe

Camden Fort Meagher needs your help to Unravel our Cultural Heritage.

Help transcribe Items in The Camden Fort Meagher Archive. To begin transcribing a MediaWiki account is required.

  1. Click Create an account
  2. Type a username and password, the email address is optional.
    Hint: Include your name if you’d like the transcription credited to you : )
  3. Type the words in the CAPTCHA Security check box > Click Create an Account.
    Note: if you include an email address you will need to click the link in your email account to confirm the email address.

Congratulations you are now ready to Transcribe!

Return to the Camden Fort Meagher Archive.

  1. Click Login to Scripto (our Transcription Engine)
  2. Type your username and password and click Login to browse items or view recent changes in the archive.
  3. Select an item to transcribe
  4. Click on the Navigation arrows < > and Zoom + - buttons on the left of the image window to inspect the item. You may also click, hold and drag the image to center in the window.
  5. Click Edit to begin transcribing. Note: the Edit Transcription window opens below the image window.
  6. Work from the top of the item down. Type the words as written - do not correct spellings! Type the word BLANK for any words / sections you cannot decipher. That way it will make it easier for a reviewer to see the missing section(s).
  7. Click Edit Transcription to save your typed words. Note: A record of your transcription appears below the Transcription window. This is also recorded on the Item Page History Transcription page. Hint: if you cannot complete the transcription in one sitting, Save your work (Click Edit Transcription). Click Log out.

Thank You : ) You're helping tell the Story of Camden Fort Meagher

~~~~~~~~ A crowdsourced initiative!~~~~~~~~