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Patrick Street | Interlude

Patrick Street what have you seen?

Dreams and Promises to fall loosely off the tongue

strolling hand in hand forever been

The hustle and bustle in droves lightly strung,

The Pied Piper play’s his merry tune

Ching Ching, coins a flipping, smiles

Laughter, the voice of an angel at noon

Breaks the beat, compiles

Stop and Stare, rap the acrobatics

Pull the wool, skinny dipping

The painted faces, heel to the reel pragmatics

Jamboree and deals a dripping

Turning Wheels, signs a waving,

Enticing bells, a ringing

The tide is high, the quay to city living misbehaving

Skip, Skip Life is but a treat beginning!

©2020 Norma O’Connor

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