Digital Humanities: What Can Be Achieved
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Crowdsourced Spatial Project Participation

Collaborative Mapping 1. MapSwipe 07 Mar 2017: Cyclone Enawo hits Madagascar.­ Impact: Scale of destruction huge. 160,000 people displaced. Purpose: Get immediate help to those affected. Mapping Stats: 776 people have mapped 64%. I was eager to participate in a Crowdsourced project as I had previously completed a project on the Humanitarian work of the […]

Giving Something Back : )

Theme:  Giving something back The Humanities and now the Digital Humanities has been giving something back for Generations.  Yet if you were to tell people you are studying it, they will always say what’s that?  !!!!  Let us help spread the word!  How about entering the Cork City St. Patrick’s Day Parade as a Group? […]