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Giving Something Back : )

Theme:  Giving something back

The Humanities and now the Digital Humanities has been giving something back for Generations.  Yet if you were to tell people you are studying it, they will always say what’s that?  !!!!  Let us help spread the word!  How about entering the Cork City St. Patrick’s Day Parade as a Group? We could showcase our projects as part of a display to promote the Digital Humanities here in UCC.  Click here to read more I kinow a lot of our projects would benefit from Crowdsourcing and this is a world stage!  Thousands watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Both physically on the street as well as on TV Social Media etc.  People even listen on the radio / over the internet from the far-flung corners of the hemisphere!

We could involve the local school children!  Do a presentation about the Humanities and your project, ask them to create your costume for the parade based on your project.  Reward you will wear it in the Parade.  What a wonderful collaboration the Story will no doubt be told for Generations  :   )

Continuing on this theme we could get Speakers to showcase their work / talk about how they’re giving back for the 2017-DH6003 (Digital Humanities Institute).  What do you think?  I’ve downloaded the application form if you’re interested in participating?  We will need insurance cover so hopefully UCC can provide this :  )

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