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The torpedo as a weapon of practical utility first came prominently into notice during the American Civil War. They were in the form of casks and cases filled with gunpowder, and moored in such a position as to endanger any ship navigating in their…

Document detailing:

Regiments that recruited during the Great War from Counties now in the Republic, or had their Regimental Depots on the island of Ireland.

Infantry Regiments which were either originally raised in Ireland, but later…
This webinar with census record expert John Hanson, looks at the history of the census, explains its changes over time and most importantly, explains the reasons why you may not be able to locate your ancestor in the records.

The Convicts brought their music and dance with them. Living in the Dance was a way of escape from their current situation and something that connected them with home and a sense of belonging.

ABC Western Queensland Radio Broadcast: Katherine…

One in four people in Australia have a convict in their family tree. Radio Broadcast highlighting more effective ways to research and gain further insight.

ABC Western Queensland 's Danny Kennedy talking to Brad Argent about researching…
Here's the late celebrated veteran Australian actor,director,folklorist,and author Peter O'shaughnessy (1923 - 2013) giving us his definitive performance of "A convict's tour to hell" By Frank The Poet

I have just read the sad news that Peter…

TENDERS are required for works of Defence,
desiring to Tender for these Works are required to attend at

this Office on FRIDAY, the 22nd NOVEMBER, 1861, at 12


Adjutant Cork City Artillery Militia
18 Dec. 1861 Lieutenant
16 Jan. 1875 Captain
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