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John Sherlock enlisted in the Reserve Defence Forces in July 1969 for service in the Reserve of Men ( An Fórsa Cosanta Aitiúil) and remained for a term of 5 years to July 1974,
Reason for Discharge: On Termination of Engagement.
Corp Training - Year 1
Uaire = Time
Ceachtanna Corp Oiliúna Bunaidh = Corp Basic Training Lessons 12 weeks
Ceachtanna Corp Oiliúna Catha = Battlefield Training 42 weeks
Snámh agus Tartháil = Swimming and Rescue 12 weeks
Hand written Ordnance Training Notes listing the different types of Guns in use 1904 - 1945
Quick Fire 7" Howitzer Mark 2: 1917 Mountain Machine Gun
Ordnance Q. F. 75 mm Mark 1: WW2 British Tank Gun
Ordnance Q. F. 18 P.R Mark 2: 1094 -…

Photo of 3 An Slua Muirí / Naval Defence Personnel standing in front of Launches Pier Fort Camden.

Crosshaven & Carrigaline.pdf
Military Census Form Return of Officers, Warrant Officers, N.C.Os. and Men serving at Crosshaven and Carrigaline Posts. Command at Midnight 12th - 13th November 1922
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